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Zero Trust Security – Summer 2017 Offer

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL and we will ship you, at no cost, a demonstration firewall unit from SonicWALL !  We can provide the initial consultation with you to correctly size and transition your existing firewall to SonicWALL and help you install the unit on your network and start your Zero Trust Platform today!

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DaaSle, Inc. is providing a complete MSSP – Managed Security Services Provider based solution automate IT tasks around security and response to outages, and provide safe haven for high value IT assets.

This solution architecture includes IBM Cloud – which provides the MSSP hosting and safe haven for your backup files, SonicWALL’s next generation firewall and Seceon OTM open threat management software.

This offer is for the Summer months of 2017, where the threat landscape is morphing daily, and the challenge to respond is paramount.

  1. Real-Time Comprehensive Visibility across the whole organization showing how various assets, such as users, databases, applications, interact. It also includes east-west application access and public access using integrated SonicOS DPI.
  2. Real-Time Threat Detection using multilayer Contexts Based Threat Models, Machine Learning “Iron-Man approach” and Dynamic Threat Intelligence to surface the Threats which Matter.
  3. Elimination/Containment of the threats in Real-Time through automated recommended actions on infrastructure like SonicOS, Active Directory, and Networking Infrastructure with clear indication of the service Impact.
  4. Multi-Tenancy Support to empower MSP partners with a SOC-in-a-box solution.

Today, managed security providers, MSSPs, are already using the SonicWALL to provide security services to various enterprises. Using an unique combination of a next generation (NG) firewall and Seceon’s open threat management, OTM, we can now provide a comprehensive zero trust security service to all customers.

The zero trust security primary originates from providing NG Firewall security and then adds a unique combination of behavioral analysis, machine learning and dynamic threat intelligence to find threats of all kinds no matter how they get into or appear from within an organization. The Seceon OTM takes in all the SonicWALL firewall’s output and combines it with other device and application log output as well as network flow information to provide a complete picture of everything that is communicating within as well as from outside of an organization. The solution detects and stops all kinds of known threats as well as new zero day threats, insider threats; compromised credential, ransom-ware and APTs. Once a threat is found the OTM communicates to the SonicWALL to stop threats that are traversing the firewall by dynamically creating various ACL filters.

The solution supports multi-tenancy in the cloud by allowing DaaSle, the MSSP to see all customers from a single view, showing clear delineation of each enterprise client with a dashboard view of the critical/major alerts that need to be addressed. While DaaSle can see and access all of the client’s OTM, each client can see only its own OTM’s view. There is clear separation of each tenants data and complete confidentiality.

The solution is fully automated. Its like having a SoC in a box, (SOC – Security Operations Center) which makes it easier for MSSPs to manage more customers with less effort while improving the value of the service offering. It filters out all of the white noise and helps the team focus on threats that matter, and the best part is it works in real-time.

Analysts estimate as many as 40% of businesses are breached every year, which may be conservative. The cost per breach can reach from the $10’s of thousands to millions of dollars depending on what data is lost or corrupted. Time is not on your side – the majority of breaches lead to data loss or corruption in a few hours. Highly trained SoC teams are good approach, but a large number of analyst are needed to watch for and react to threats 24/7 in an attempt to detect and stop today’s most dangerous threats that lead to the greatest data loss.

Is there was a better way?

How about a fully automated tool that puts the SoC analysts in the box. It discovers the threats it provides the recommendation on what to do to stop the threat and it can allow for push button or fully automated threat containment – stopping compromised credential use, insider threats, Malware, Ransomware, Bruteforce and DDoS attacks in their tracks before the data is lost.  Check out Executive Business Case used by leading enterprises to justify the use of this tool.  Sample Case Study


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