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Simplifying enterprise mobility management

Link to the IBM InfoPortal – IBM has created a cool informational site that is highly recommended for anyone seriously evaluating MDM.

Click here to provision your IBM MDM Trial right now!  MaaS360 lets you provision, secure and manage your mobile devices, apps and content—all from a single portal—while minimizing risk to your organization. We make the complex world of mobility simple by giving you a global mobile infrastructure without the burden of a large financial investment.

The bottom-line benefits and enhanced productivity affect every aspect of your business—finance, IT, operations and the end users—delivering true 360° value.

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MaaS360: true 360° value across the enterprise  Link to Pricing

Financial Value

Reduce the costs of supporting mobile workers while maintaining control over all mobile devices.

  • Minimize deployment and maintenance costs with no IT resources needed to continually update the solution.
  • Embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and save the enterprise device procurement and data plan costs associated with each user.
  • Cloud based MDM lets you realize the power and security of on-premises tools without high licensing, deployment and maintenance costs.
  • Reap the benefits of a pay-as-you-go model, and only use the exact Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities you need.
  • Comply with regulations and reduce risk and potential fines with comprehensive security and audit features.
  • Automate time- and resource-intensive mobile device management tasks, while increasing IT productivity.

Technical Value

Simplify IT management with a single portal to monitors and control your entire mobile operation.

  • Tightly integrate into existing email, messaging and authentication environments such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Lotus Notes, and Certificate Authorities.
  • Centralize policy management and control across multiple platforms, without a limit on how many devices you can manage.
  • Gain faster access to new capabilities without any additional effort, freeing limited IT resources to focus on other projects.
  • Benefit from service level guarantees, including uptime, backup and disaster recovery for business continuity without redundant installations.
  • Provide different levels of role-based access to the various departments responsible for individual areas of device lifecycle management.
  • Use custom attributes to track asset information, such as ownership, purchase/warranty details, and department/business unit.

Operational Value

Implement a policy that balances employee productivity and security for your business.

  • Gain unprecedented mobility intelligence through a simple, clean interface and powerful dashboards with analytics and reporting.
  • Create and manage granular level security policies for individuals, groups, devices, context, and location based on role or work style.
  • Transform businesses through anytime, anywhere, secure access to information.
  • Users can select the devices that best meet their individual needs, including personally-owned devices.
  • Empower more efficient and effective workers for faster decision making and better customer service.Submit this Form for a FREE 30 Min IT Systems Consultation

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