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VMware Starter Bundle on IBM Cloud



What is the VMware Starter Bundle?
The offer is only for the infrastructure component of build your own VMware software-defined data center (vSphere, vCenter, NSX, and vSAN) environment. This IBM bundle does not include the automated installation capabilities, life cycle management or integrated backup. These are available as options from DaaSle, Inc, your  IBM Business Partner.
How long will the discount be in effect for the servers ordered?
The discount on the initial 4 bare metal server will continue until those servers are cancelled. Servers cannot be cancelled individually.  Must maintain minimum 4 servers Starter Bundle.
Can I scale this VMware Starter Bundle up or down beyond the initial configuration?
Yes, scale up only. Cannot be scaled down. The addition of server(s) will be at list price or pre-defined account level discounts.
Special Bundles Include:  Bare Metal Servers (Super Micro Intel )
Dual Processor Xeon Class CPU, 2048 GB RAM, 24 TB Useable Storage)
• SoftLayer Provided VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus 6.0 (includes vCenter 6)
• vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 (included)
• SoftLayer Provided VMware NSX-V
• SoftLayer Provided VMware Virtual SAN Tier I (0-20TB)
• SoftLayer Provided VMware vRealize Automation Enterprise 7.0

Price: US $9,972 a month, pay as you go, To Place Order On Line Link Here

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screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-5-41-38-amUnlike many competitors, IBM Cloud provides full access to the native VMware stack to manage resources as you would on premises, and allows you to consume VMware software based on flexible, simple and predictable per CPU pricing. IBM Cloud for VMware can facilitate consistent management and governance of your hybrid environment with a common networking and security model. IBM Cloud’s 48 data centers around the world allow you to scale globally while still retaining complete and consistent control and automation of your operations on premises and in the cloud.
Consistent Management
Provision, access, manage, and monitor your hybrid environment while leveraging familiar VMware tools and the skills you already have
Unique Pricing
Cost-effective CPU-based pricing of VMware software provide simple and predictable billing
Global Infrastructure
With 48 cloud data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia, customers can provision cloud resources where (and when) they need them
Network Architecture
Built from best-in-class networking infra-structure and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.
Here is an example of a hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service  (DRaaS) Offering, provided by DaaSle, Inc. Customized versions of this template are implemented for our clients, for more information please complete and submit the form above.

daasle-draasIntegrated Veeam Cloud Services Provides Backup, Failover, Test & Dev and Sandbox environment. Failover to Cloud option, in the event of catastrophic failure on premises. Round Robin fail-over.  Protect your companies assets and ability to return from cyber attacks, natural disasters and human error.

“IBM and VMware are making great strides to enable enterprise hybrid cloud adoption through automation,” Melanie Posey, vice president of Research, IDC’s Hosting and Managed Network Services. “The IBM – VMware partnership offers enterprises the ability to extend existing on-premises workloads to the cloud seamlessly without the need for a major IT operations overhaul, thus greatly simplifying the entire migration process.”    Read Entire Press Release here…
Link here to IBM Cloud for VMware
Download IBM vs AWS at this link:  awsvmware-response-nov-2016
More details here at Bluemix…
Here the link to the demo video



IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
Seamlessly integrate, expand, or migrate your on-premises VMware workloads onto high-performance, global cloud resources.
IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions helps organizations improve productivity and efficiency, reduce IT overheads, and gain agility by offloading IT resources and management complexity to the cloud. Companies can accelerate hybrid cloud adoption by using VMware to enable easier, security-rich, and near-seamless extension of existing workloads, as they are, from on-premises data centers to powerful bare metal and virtual servers on IBM Cloud.

Discount is good for defined bill of materials.  This offer is only available in North America and cannot be combined with other offers or discount.  This offer is not available to existing clients using VMware on SoftLayer.


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