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IBM Cloud Object Storage

Object Storage Management: Reducing Large Scale Storage Costs Using Tiering

Reduce Data Storage Cost by:

  • Making the transition to two tiers – transactional and capacity
  • Automating you data movement, with metadata preserved
  • Keeping your data local while preserving cloud economics

Data growth has forced an inflection point in infrastructure management. Utilizing primary NFS storage for all data while trying to maintain performance has resulted in a sprawl of disparate systems that have grown expensive and hard-to-manage.

By implementing a unified capacity tier, enterprises can dedicate NFS storage for transactional performance tiers, archiving less frequently accessed or older data.

Two traditional objections have stalled this approach: how to move data reliably across platforms and how to handle the management of yet another complex system.

A link to IBM Documentation publicly available provides more insights, follow the link below:

Information stored with IBM COS Cross-Region is encrypted and dispersed across three geographic regions (Dallas, San Jose, and Washington, DC) and accessed through an implementation of the S3 API. This is the first offering that makes use of the distributed storage technologies provided by IBM’s Cloud Object Storage System.

Standard Cross-Region service provides higher durability and availability than using a single region at the cost of slightly higher latency. If a given data center is unavailable, the object store continues to function without impediment, and any missed changes are applied when the data center comes back online.

Developers use IBM COS’s implementation of the S3 API to interact with their storage accounts. This documentation provides support to get started with provisioning accounts, to create buckets, to upload objects, and to use a reference of common API interactions. This offering is managed through the IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly SoftLayer) Control portal.


IBM Cloud Object Storage uses an innovative approach for cost-effectively storing large volumes of unstructured data while ensuring security, availability and reliability. This is accomplished by using Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) to separate data into unrecognizable “slices” that are distributed across a network of data centers, making transmission and storage of data inherently private and secure. No complete copy of the data resides in any single storage node, and only a subset of nodes needs to be available in order to fully retrieve the data on the network.

Objects in IBM COS are encrypted at rest. This technology individually encrypts each object using per-object generated keys. These keys are secured and reliably stored using the same Information Dispersal Algorithms that protect object data using an All-or-Nothing Transform (AONT), which prevents key data from being disclosed if individual nodes or hard drives are compromised.

Storage can be accessed over HTTPS, and internally storage devices are certified and communicate with each other using TLS.

Data deletion

After data is deleted various mechanisms exist which prevent recovery or reconstruction of the deleted objects. The deletion of an object undergoes various stages, from marking the meta-data indicating the object as deleted, to removing the content regions, to the finalization of the erasure on the drives themselves until the eventual overwriting the blocks representing that slice data. Depending on whether one compromised the data center or has possession of the physical disks, the time an object becomes unrecoverable depends on the phase of the delete operation. When the metadata object is updated, clients external from the data center network can no longer read the object. When a majority of slices representing the content regions have been finalized by the storage devices, it is not possible to access the object.

Tenant isolation

IBM COS Cross-Region is a shared infrastructure, multi-tenant object storage solution. If your workload requires dedicated or isolated storage, contact your IBM Business Partner, DaaSle, Inc. for more information.

Here is the link to the entire IBM Documentation article


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