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The video surveillance industry is undergoing a significant transformation-it is much more than simply observing crimes. Challenges created by more cameras, higher resolutions, and increasingly complex analytics are creating an influx in data, and managing this infrastructure takes an intelligent, scalable storage platform. Quantum’s video surveillance data storage solution has the ability to tier storage, which will save you money without reducing video quality, retention time, or camera streams-allowing you to invest more in other tools needed to successfully keep people and property safe.

As the amount of cameras deployed and camera resolutions and capabilities continually expand, there is a greater need to deal with more streams of video data concurrently.

Quantum’s surveillance solution offers the ability to automatically tier data over time from one type of storage to another, based on your customized policy. Tiering empowers the movement of less- frequently used data to the most cost-effective storage with best-in-class data integrity.  Here is a link to more info.

We would like to meet with you for 30 minutes to review your virtual data storage objectives and bring you an Apple watch, for taking the time to meet with us.  This offer is for Qualified End User Prospects.



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