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Your company’s financial close does not have to be a cumbersome process that forces employees to spend extra hours at the office, manually managing an ever-increasing flow of data.

Learn how to streamline financial close activities by adopting a solution that complements the spreadsheets you and your team are already with the robust, secure features of a traditional corporate performance management system.

Vena Solutions was recognized by CFO Magazine for its powerful, user friendly, accessible technology and analyst-backed “keep your spreadsheets approach” to enterprise resource management (ERP).

In the article, Vena is counted among the “sophisticated” systems that are challenging the dominance of IBM, SAP and Oracle in the ERP market. The systems are celebrated for their use of the latest technology, including in-memory computing, data visualization, analytics and the cloud.

Vena Solutions received special mention for its unique “keep your spreadsheets” approach to ERP. Microsoft Excel® is the centerpiece of the Vena solution, meaning users can leverage the aforementioned advancements in ERP technology without replacing the environment with which they are already comfortable.

As Craig Schiff, CEO of consultancy BPM Partners, says, “You can’t pull the spreadsheets out of people’s hands. People are not going to change; the vendors changed to accept that’s the way of the world.”

Backing up his assertion is a survey by BPM Partners that found that 81% of companies supplement their ERP system with Excel spreadsheets.

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