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Meet at Your Site, Via Remote or at DaaSle Data Center, Los Angeles CA.  Our Data Center office is located at 650 South Grand Avenue on the 1st floor, with direct network connectivity next door to the One Wilshire Building, which is often called One Wilshire : Telco Hotel, said to be the “most interconnected building in the west.”


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PROFESSIONAL IT SERVICES: DaaSle offers IT Security Solutions from leading vendors like IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Quantum, Cisco, Dell and HP. Our experienced staff can provide you with Security and Risk Assessments, Remediation & Remote Monitoring. Our Network & Systems Engineers can help you with design, implementation, support and consulting services. We excel at providing high ROI infrastructure that sustains business agility and delivers Business Value.

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Enter here for the DaaSle eCommerce site, which features products from Enterprise grade vendors. We have several FREE TRIALS of leading edge business solutions available. We configure, build and provide our customers with an integrated solution that provides a sustainable platform to execute on the business vision.