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We can help to meet your Service Level Agreement and Regulatory Compliance challenges and get your company to a Secure, High-Performance, Resilient Hybrid IT Operation with multi-cloud options.

We will provide you with a preliminary estimate and high-level implementation plan to Secure & Protect your organization from the IT Service outages from cyber threats and incidents that may disrupt your business.  3-2-1 Protection means having one copy of your data off-site …. on cloud or on tape. On DaaSle Cloud we provide you with the ability to fail over and fail back your IT operations, or run entirely on cloud during unplanned outages and planned outages for systems maintenance on premises.

To Request your DaaSle Cloud Services please complete and Submit the following form, only the first few * fields are required.  You could be eligible to receive a FREE Apple Watch from Quantum.

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Best Practices for the Implementation of DRaaS

• Don’t take DR planning lightly, whether utilizing DRaaS, traditional DR services or a combination of the two. Generate a project plan, include stakeholders in all phases of planning, and be sure  to address any and all concerns before you start to evaluate your options.

• Develop a DR requirements list and circulate that list to all stakeholders. Be sure that you document all reasonable requirements and explain to your stakeholders why requirements might not make the list (cost, complexity, etc.).

• If applicable, include business continuity planning as part of your DR planning process, even you end up addressing those problems separately. DR and BC are usually intertwined aspects of a company’s overall survival plan in the event of a downtime event or disaster.

• Your DRaaS solution should be easy-to-use, with support available 24/7 in the event of an incident requiring recovery activities.

• Self-service portal for end users will greatly reduce the amount of time IT admins will have to spend supporting restore requests. Be sure that your DRaaS solution allows help desk personnel to assist end users with routine restoration tasks.

• Remember that RTOs and RPOs should be negotiated with IT and the business entities within your company. Also, remember that these are objectives, not guarantees.

• Identify any physical servers that will require bare metal restores and be sure that your bare metal restore images are continually updated.

• Being able to perform ad hoc virtual DR tests quickly and easily is an important consideration when evaluating DRaaS providers. Be sure to run such tests on a regular basis to ensure that your recovery process will run as expected should disaster strike.

• A hybrid DRaaS solution is a great fit for companies that store PII or other protected data.

• Hybrid DRaaS can also be a valid strategy for a phased migration from traditional DR to a DRaaS approach.

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