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CNN: Massive IoT DDoS Attack


“you have to have redundancy in your systems, not enough just to have your company data in the cloud but in multiple clouds..and you need to use different vendors”

Xiongmai, the Chinese company whose products were targeted in the global DDOS attack, says the attack “is a huge disaster for the Internet of Things.”

“No group has come forward in the biggest cyber attack in internet history…!”

On October 24, 2016  CNN Money Tech Correspondent, Samuel Burke recommends “even small companies have to have redundancy in your systems, not enough just to have your company data in the cloud but in multiple clouds…”.

This a Cloud Service called DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service – which is our core competency here at DaaSle, a startup cloud broker for Cloud Services and Hybrid Cloud Integration from multiple vendors. This is available to the market now as the DaaSle Hybrid Cloud DRaaS.

We feature the following architectural design constructs in our approach to addressing these challenges.

  • Leverage unmatched combination of behavioral analysis, machine learning, dynamic threat intelligence delivering rich visibility, holistic threat detection & containment of threats in real-time.
  • External Hardening via Massive Firewalls to control North South traffic
  • Internal Network Segmentation to control East West traffic
  • Round Robin Backup, Replication and Automated Fail Over Design guideline
  • Using the VM – Virtual Machine as the protected element, protected on IBM Softlayer Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud and DaaSle Cloud.
  • No/Low Cost High Speed links between Cloud Data Centers for Replication combined with maximum compression via deduplication of all data which yields excellent cost control.
  • Competent, consistent and determined technical guidance and support by certified humans and advanced cognitive data analytic tools – always going beyond in service execution.
  • Built-in Application Performance Management and Monitoring – means YES, the applications are available with consistent performance to your users and customers, which is their primary purpose in the first place!

DaaSle, Inc. provides DRaaS Hybrid Cloud DRaaS, Advanced Storage Management and  Massive Firewall Scalability.

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Here is the Reference Link to the source report on CNN Money.


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